When you are away from home, it is important to feel safe, comfortable and happy. Whilst London College is not a direct provider of accommodation services, we take care in assisting you where we can with accommodation options and directing you to our preferred accommodation partners.

Apartment/flat rental varies greatly in cost and conditions. Before making long term arrangements, it is strongly advised that the student becomes familiar with the suburb or area. For purposes of bond payment and moving arrangements, the student must be available to sign agreements. For this reason, international students are advised to secure short term accommodation upon arrival so that flat and apartment hunting may be started after they have settled in and begun to seek out areas they would like to live in.

It is also important that any potential renter is aware of their individual rights and responsibilities before they enter into a rental agreement. In Queensland, these issues are governed by the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) and the following information can be found at

The RTA administers the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 and provides tenancy information, bond management & dispute resolution.

Whilst there are a multitude of accommodation providers in the market, London College is located within the same building as UniLodge who are specialists in the student accommodation market. Between the Margaret St site and their Kangaroo Point site, Unilodge offers a mix of short term and long term leasing options that may be suitable for international students attending the campus.

For more information on their properties and to check availability please visit the UniLodge website directly.

Have questions regarding renting in Brisbane and tenancy topics when seeking accommodation? If so, please refer to Study Brisbane’s web site for more detailed information at

Shared accommodation

Shared accommodation offers the opportunity to improve your English and learn about other cultures that attend the College and also to make life-long friends. Our shared accommodations are located in the city, depending on how many people share the premises.

London College can point you in the right direction so you can find the best accommodation option for you. Our student accommodation partners are the perfect choice for students who want to stay close to city and walk to school.


Most students studying in Australia either live with an Australian family in homestay or in a share house with friends. Homestay is an opportunity to live with an Australian family and experience Australian life and culture by participating in the daily routine of the host family’s life.

It is the best way to experience Australian culture, practice your English and make lasting friendships while you are n Brisbane. If you’re planning to study in Australia, we recommend that you take at least FOUR (4) weeks of homestay to help you adapt to the change and to give you time to look for alternate accommodation. Host families take an active interest in their students and assist them to assimilate into their new environment. Usually, home stay includes breakfast, dinner and a packed lunch if required. Students are mostly responsible for the costs of washing, ironing, telephone and transport.

When considering homestay, we recommend you ensure your provider meets the minimum Australian homestay standards.

Your host family will:

  • Welcome you into their home and treat you like a family member
  • Provide you with Monday to Friday: Breakfast & Dinner, Saturday & Sunday: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (if booking Homestay Traditional)
  • Provide you with a private bedroom, comfortable bed, study desk, chair, lamp, wardrobe/linen, clean bathroom, shower and toilet
  • Wash your laundry and clothes once a week
  • Welcome you to join in all family activities
  • Teach you a lot about the Australian way of life
All homes are within walking distance from a bus or train station. At most, you will travel a maximum of 30-50 minutes to London College by public transport. Please select the homestay option when you enrol if you would like London College to provide further information on homestay accommodation for you.

Airport Transfers

Transport can be arranged if needed from Brisbane airport to your homestay accommodation.

Popular suburbs near London College

Brisbane City, Spring Hill, South Bank, South Brisbane, West End, Woolangabba, Highgate Hill, New Farm, Rosalie, Fortitude Valley, Kangaroo Point, Windsor, The Grange, Kedron, Lutwyche, East Brisbane, Stones Corner, Albion, Morningside, Auchenflower, Toowong, Milton and Paddington.

PoUseful Websites you can refer to:

FAQs about Homestay

Q: What is homestay?

Homestay is a form of accommodation where a visiting international student lives with an Australian family. The student will eat with the family and contribute to the daily routine of the house.

Q: What is an Australian family like?

Australians are very multicultural and diverse. An Australian homestay family could be a mother, father and children, mother and children, father and children, a single person or just a couple. As Australia is very multicultural, your family may not be first generation Australians. All speak homestay families will speak English fluently.

Q: What is included in my homestay fee?

Usually, while in the homestay accommodation, you will have your own bedroom with a bed, desk, chair and plenty of cupboard space for your clothes. You will receive two meals (usually breakfast and dinner) on week days and three meals on weekends (if booking Homestay Traditional). There is always internet access and sometimes this is included for free. The homestay host will do your laundry for you and will wash your bed sheets at least once a week.

Q: Will my homestay have internet access?

It is standard for homestays to have internet access however, each home is different. Not all families in Australia have unlimited access and may have a limit to the amount of time you can spend on the internet. Some families may also choose to charge an extra fee for internet use, however, if this is the case, you will be told before accepting a family placement.

Q: What do you eat in an Australian homestay?

When you live in an Australian homestay, we expect the student to experience the Australian culture, including the food. Many Australian families eat food from all over the world including Italian, Greek, Mediterranean, Mexican and many types of Asian food such as Thai, Malaysian and Vietnamese.

Q: Can I go out for dinner and meet with my friends?

Absolutely… you are welcome to stay out with your friends. You just need to be courteous and call your homestay family to let them know what you are doing so they don’t worry about you.

Q: What are my responsibilities as a homestay student?

As a homestay student, you are treated like one of the family members and with this comes a few responsibilities. Families in Australia share the household duties and you will be expected to keep your own room tidy and clean, as well as help with smaller duties around the house. This may include tidying up after dinner or taking the rubbish out occasionally.

Q: Can I stay in a homestay with my friend?

Yes, this is often a popular option but be cautious. Living with an Australian family will help you learn English as you will be forced to speak English every day. Usually, two students with the same language are not placed in the same homestay so you have to use your English skills!!

Q: Can I have friends over to my house?

If you would like to have friends over, you must always ask your homestay family first and ensure that they are happy for you to do this.

Q: What is the minimum number of weeks I can stay in homestay?

You can be accommodated for as little as four weeks on most occasions. That will give you enough time to settle in and get comfortable in Brisbane.

Q: Can I change my homestay if I am not happy?

Yes, however you will usually need to give at least two weeks’ notice of a change or cancellation. To change or cancel, speak to the homestay coordinator.

Q: How far from the school are the homestay families?

Most homestays are within 50 minutes travel time from the College. Brisbane is a large city (geographically) with most homestay providers being in zones 1-4 for the public transport network.

Q: What is a ‘List of House Rules’?

House rules are the rules particular to the family you are staying with. These rules may include reminders to lock the doors at night or when you leave for school, to turn off lights when you are not in the room, or to not use the phone after a certain time at night. These rules are usually for all members of the family. The homestay family will either tell you the rules when you arrive or they will leave a note in your bedroom.

Q: Can I get picked up from the airport?

Absolutely… we can arrange an airport transfer for you to your homestay.

Q: How do I apply?

To apply, download the Accommodation Application Form, and complete with as much information as possible. Then, send your application form in with your Student Enrolment Form.

Q: How does the application process work?

Once a student applies for homestay, a homestay coordinator will find a family based on the student’s requests. The coordinator will then send the homestay profile to the student to read and approve. If the student approves, all the arrangements will be made by the coordinator. If the student does not approve, the coordinator will find another homestay provider.

Q: What support do I get from London College?

We will try to assist with homestay inquiries during business hours but you will need to deal with your homestay agency in the first instance. They will have a 24/7 telephone line for emergencies which occur after business hours and on weekends and you can confirm this with your homestay agency.

Enquire about the London Brisbane College Requirement today and fulfill your goal of studying in Australia. Contact 07 3012 9390 or email [email protected].



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